Wavelab 10 - MasterRig Bug

Every 3rd party vst3 plugin i have with Wavelab 10.0 works fine (MACOS-Mojave-iMac)
I tried to master 6 song at Audio montage. Each song has about 4 or 5 plugins.
When Im trying to render a song with the MasterRig plugin inserted, there is always a digital CLICK right before the song starts, thats really annoying.
I tried to change buffer size, delete preferences, tick or untick the : RESET PLUGINS BEFORE REDER or PLAYBACK, with no luck.
This problem is ONLY with the MasterRig (which is very useful for my mastering chain)- there are no CLICKS with other plugins.

Haw anyone have same issues ? find a solution ?
Hope a new update fix this :exclamation:

Are you using the MasterRig as a Clip plugin? If you remove all plugins but the MasterRig (in a clip chain), do you have the same problem?

Yes Im using MasterRig as a Clip plugin, in a clip chain ( Because of the need of the mastering process - each song has its own plugin settings )

I removed all the other plugins - I have only MasterRig inserted and I have the same problem, digital click right before the beginning of the track.

There is the same problem no matter if it is offline or realtime render.

When I delete the MasterRig or even I bypass it the problem is gone.

I think is a MasterRig bug
Any ideas ?

The MasterRig is a set of sub-plugins. If you reset the MasterRig to no module, no process, do you get the problem? Else, which MasterRig module cause the problem?

Also, is your clip starting with a fade-in?
What kind of click do you see (maybe show a picture).

Ok I found something…
When i reset the MasterRig to no module, no process, there is NO click. I had two modules on this particular song. (Satutaror A and Imager ) When I closed the Imager, I had again the Click. When I closed the Saturator A the problem is gone. I think something is going on with Saturator A.
But when I inserted again the Saturator A (UNDO arrow) the problem stopped ( Random? ) I inserted every module again, Saturator A again ( With process and without process I tested also), no problem at all.
So, I have to take out the Saturator A, reopened and so on. Its a Saturator A module problem i guess and maybe its random.

I have noticed that this problem occurred on some songs. There is a song with MasterRig ( with Saturator A also inserted) and there is no problem, so something random is going on with the MasterRig and maybe with the Saturator A, to be more more specific

The Click is audible even if I have fade IN in the beginning

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 18.12.13.png

I get this annoying click with the file coming in late at times.

Any thoughts, Philippe ?

I have asked Steinberg support to look at it.