Wavelab 10 playback crash

I finally upgraded from 8.5 to 10 last night. Since then I have been able to work on files for a few hours but randomly I try playback and the wheel goes around and no rsponse. Upon quitting and or rebooting Wavelab opens then quits with error log. The only way I can get back in to Wavelab is to trash prefs and start again. This has happened 5 times in a day.
Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 iMac Retina 5K.
AVID HD I/O 16 (Native Thunderbolt)
I have tried different options such as importing and then on subsequent rescan not importing old prefs.
Sometimes I have plugs running but sometimes none.
UAD II Quad in Magma box.
I will get approx 8 OK playbacks of audio files but then the wheel of death - and back to trashing prefs.
8.5 worked fairly solid - until recently so I thought upgrade may sort the issue.
ProTools does not have similar crashes.

I just reopened 8.5 and tried playing the same files. The same issue.

I suppose my first question is - should I completely remove both versions of Wavelab, trash prefs and reinstall v10 only. Are there any shared system resources I should look out for and trash as well?

Thanks for any illumination or PM me for logs

Are you using UAD plugin inside a montage clips? If yes, that is certainly the problem. This will be fixed in 10.0.10 but in the mean time, you could uncheck the “Dyn” option for each UAD plugin inside the WaveLab plugin preference.

No I haven’t created or worked on a montage with the new version as yet. Simply mastering individual tracks and trimming with fades etc. Once I am done there I will be working in the montage environment yes - but I don’t use plugs in that window. Thanks Philippe
Regards Eliot

Try to use 512 as ASIO block size.
If that does not help, send me a crash log on PM.

Log sent in 3 x PM

UPdate for others - it appears that there is an incompatability when using Wavelab 8.5 through to v10 with the AVID HD driver 2019.10. The only temporary workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the AVID driver and trash Wavelab prefs.
This I have had to perform on multiple occasions now.
Or use the built in Mac audio…and its driver…