Wavelab 10 - playback speaker output assignment issues

I am having issues with busses I set up for speaker paths in the playback section. Has anyone figured out what is going on with that? I can’t seem to get my Wavelab 10 to send audio out to certain outputs - In this instance, to #2 speaker. I tried using other busses and still not sign of audio going out to me interface.

This function is apparently broken for the moment from what I have read. You can assign maximum 2 different paths. If you can’t get 2 to work try inversing the output routing. Worked for me.

Thanks For your response. Don’t want to waste any more time on this. The defence track was a nice idea, but back to v. 9.5 for me until they get it sorted out.

FYI - Update is out 10.0.06 - appears to have fixed this speaker problem. Still having some issues with some plugins not displaying the GUI correctly.

It might be good to start a specific thread for any issues like this. If you are using High Sierra, plugin GUI issues are no surprise.

If you’re using something else, I would check both the VST2 and VST3 versions to see if one works vs. the other, and also report the issue to the plugin developer.

Hi Justin. “Gen” was selected in the plugins preferences. (generic inferface) I deselected and everything is as it should be. Thank you.