WaveLab 10 Pro - CD tab - Pause time bug

I’m running WaveLab 10 Pro 10.0.60.
After the update I haven’t been able to edit CD frame with mouse wheel.
I also tried the double click and arrows with no luck.
If I input a number to the CD frame field, for example 35, output is 0.
I noticed that if I select the CD frames and click up arrow the clip actually moves, but the number won’t change and after 13 clicks (of up arrow) the clip jumps back to where it started.

This is quite annoying since I’m trying make a master with exact details.

I tried to look all the settings and preferences, but I didn’t find anything related to this kind of behaviour.

Indeed, this issue was recently raised. Last version without this problem was 10.0.40

Yeah, I found the post after sending this one.
The new forum is a bit confusing to me.

Oh well… maybe WaveLab 11 will fix this… or 12.

This will be fixed in soon coming 10.0.70.