Wavelab 10 Upgrade offer 50% - Why not from regular version?

I own Wavelab 7 and cannot see any special update offers. Where are they? :question:

Upgrade and Update is not the same. So you must to wait to ‘Update’ offer. Me too :S

Alright then, thanks for the clarification :smiley:

Going back to my English lessons :laughing:

Wavelab Pro upgrade looks to be a generous offer :slight_smile: :slight_smile: by why not give an advantage by Elements version level?

Having religiously & promptly upgraded Wavelab Elements for the past (too) many version revisions, I’m ‘recently’ at the latest Elements version but have no consideration of loyalty over those who have not taken previous opportunities to update… i.e. it’s the same price price as if you hadn’t paid for up-to-date version.

:confused: Come on Steinberg - this is not your normal practice for upgrades. Check my loyalty history :exclamation:

:smiley: Who cares if it’s an upgrade or update I would like to UpgradeDate from 8 to 10… :laughing: