Wavelab 10 will not play through Bricasti M1 MDx dac

I have been using Wavelab with a Bricasti M1 dac for some time on Mac, but after an MDx Processor upgrade to the Bricasti I am not able to start playback in Wavelab when the MDx is selected. Wavelab works fine with every other audio device and Bricasti works fine with every other audio/DAW software I own. ( I do not have any other Steinberg DAW installed so not able to test if it is a Steinberg or a Wavelab issue… ) I have tested old projects, new projects, and empty projects without any luck. Also tried to change Buffer Size and turning on/off Set Device Attenuation in options on CoreAudio Device Settings. I should get some sort of VST audio error or similar if it can’t load the drivers but it is giving no error… Any advice?


Sample rate or clocking thing?

regards S-EH

Audio configuration get deleted after driver change? Or something similar…

Most likely yes. It does not change the samplerate on the Bricasti DAC if the dac is set to 44.1 and I try to play a 48K project/file.

A temporary workaround that might become permanent was to combine audio devices into a single aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup on Mac and then select that audio device in Wavelab. I can use the MDx as clock source and now it clocks up and starts playback.

I wonder is Bricasti M1 DAC connected with USB ?
If yes try maybe to use optical from/with “Built-in Audio”
and see if that will work, just an idea…

but good you find a way…

regards S-EH

It is connected with USB. My 2018 mac mini does not have optical out.