Wavelab 11.0.3 acting strangely on Windows 10

Sometimes it takes a full minute to open WL 11.0.3. I do have a lot of plugins but it has never taken this long to load before.
When I go to save a file it waits for a full 1/2 minute before the file is saved. During that time the screen is locked.
When I open WL 11.0.3 the opening menu sometimes says “Create Empty” and sometimes it says “Open”. What is the difference and why does it change.
WL 11.0.3 does not play nicely with RX9. There are lots of problems. According to Izotope WL is not a recognized DAW for RX9 BUT in my case, Wavelab is used a lot for for audio restoration. Why is this a problem with WL 11 and not WL 9.5 or WL 10?
The other day I could not click on the plugin window in the edit section of WL. The mouse cursor was over the plugins but it would not select an open slot so I could put in another plugin. I exited WL and restarted it and then I could select a slot and chose a new plugin,.
Is there some preference file that could be corrupted?
WL seems a lot slower than it was a few weeks ago. Again is there some file that could have been corrupted that is causing this “weird” behaviour? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall WL?

We have been extremely busy over the past month and all these “problems” are not helping getting the work done.

Thanks in advance for any help…

Apart from the RX9 issue, the balance of the behavior suggests computer issues dealing with resource hungry plugins or a single flaky plug (is there a common plugin). The hang while saving is definitely not normal but again suggests something else is going on outside WL.

What does your system usage look like in these situations?

Can I add that personally I had some reservations about WL11 up to 11.03 and just went back to 9.5 until I had the chance to deal with them. Getting the work done in a system that is both stable and familiar is, as you have identified, both the big picture and the priority in a busy studio environment.

Are you working with files over a network? Sometimes network access, especially if not available, can cause hanging.
Second idea is about third-party plugins. Don’t use them for a while, to see if there is a difference.

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