Wavelab 11.0.30 bug - Missing file dialog pops under main window

Wavelab 11.0.30 - Windows 10

I renamed a file that is part of a montage.

When I then open that montage via ‘File > Open’, I get a ‘Missing file’ dialog window with the option to replace the file with another one. I select the renamed file and all is OK.

However, when I open that montage by double clicking on the *.mon file, the ‘Missing file’ dialog window pops under the main Wavelab window and there is no way to get it to the front. Even if I select the correct window in the taskbar, it immediately hides itself again below the main one.
On top of this, the main window does not respond to anything, since it’s not the active window at that time.
Only way to get out of that situation is to close the ‘Missing file’ window through its taskbar miniature.

Since I know a workaround (open via File > Open), it’s not a blocking issue, but it would be nice if it worked correctly when using the double click method too.

–Erik ‘De LoRRe’ Laurent - Belgium


This will be fixed in WaveLab 11.1