Wavelab 11.1 & 11.2 Crashes when opening project or file

Wavelab 11.1 & 11.2 crashes when opening project or file.
Yesterday all was fine however, today Wavelab crashes when opening an existing project, audio file or creating new project audio file. I was running version 11.1 when this started happening I upgraded to 11.2 but same issue occurs. My software licence is activated.
I’m running on Mac, OS 10.15.7, 16GB ram.

Please be more accurate of what is happening exactly.

It was both. After switching my mac off for a period and rebooting Wavelab is no longer crashing. I presume the mac was not completing start up fully as I’d tried rebooting earlier and had the same problem.
Thank you for your interest.

I have the same problem with Wavelab Pro 11.2 and Mac Studio M1 Max on Mac OS 12.7.2.
It crashes when opening a new or old project using Native version but, when I open in Rosetta mode no issue no problem.
Any suggest?

Open in Rosetta mode and remove/replace your VST-2 plugins.

Hi PG1,

Where do I have to remove it? from the Audio/VST2 folder?


There are two different solutions.
Either you remove them from your hard drive, wherever they are. In this case, WaveLab won’t find them and, hence, won’t try to load them.

Or you open the montage in Rosetta mode, and from there, you remove or replace the VST-2 plugins, and then you save the montage. Such a “clean” montage would then open in Apple Silicon mode.

Hello PG1,

I’ve try what you said but, it didn’t work.

I download the demo of Wavelab 12 and this version open in Native mode, but Wavelab 11.2 don’t.

Any other suggest?


To change Native/Rosetta mode, as example, toggle this: