WaveLab 11.1.20 Maintenance Update

Really? So any idea why my Download Manager spun endlessly for thee days in a row before it decided to actually update SAM? I am genuinely interested to learn what ‘specific situation’ my main machine is in so I can address it.

Some 50 mins later 11.1.20 is finally installed and working flawlessly.

hi Paul - not quite sure if your question is snarky ? Anyway I’ve no idea why your “Download Manager spun endlessly for three days in a row” ?

The issue I’m referring to LICENSING problems not installation problems. They occur in specific circumstance when you have valid licences on you eLicenser that have also have equivalent DISABLED licences in SAM. This means the application thinks you are unlicensed when running the software.

Regarding your installation problem - I’m not sure I would have the patience to wait for 3 days for it to install ? You do know that you can download SAM directly from the Steinberg website ?

Personally I feel the Download Manager is a deeply flawed product. Auto installing (broken) software is just one aspect that needs serious improvement (IMO).

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Definitely genuine question. I didn’t use the download from the website because it kinda looked like that was a potential source of issues … and Download Manager was clearly of the view that it needed to update SAM

Windows 10

yes, the download assistant looks at SAM and eLicenser and sees if they need an update. If it thinks one is available it just goes ahead and download/installs. A new and broken version of SAM was released a few days ago and this is what the Download Assistant was struggling to install.

I’m guessing you’re on a Mac - I notice Thomas had some problem updating his Mac here - maybe a network/mac issue ?

If WL 11.1.20 is working for you now then I wouldn’t worry too much about it and move on. A new, fixed, version of SAM is due to be released next week so it will be interesting to see if this downloads/installs ok on your Mac with the download assistant.

I’ll keep an eye open for when it’s uploaded and post a message on this thread so people who are having licence issues can update.

Thank you … no I’m on Windoze 10 Pro latest build.

That’s a probable theory.

I can report that WL now launches the way Nuendo does … no more ‘SAM signing in’ dialogue.

I’ve already moved on.

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Any hint about what exact moment the installer suddenly closes?

It crasses at the moment the message :please wait while the program is Initializing, half the red bar

Please try to take a screenshot just prior to the crash.

just at this moment

I will transmit the info to the concerned person (but Monday is a closed day in Germany)

ok, thanks

Actually, you could also do something. The installer is a Microsoft installer, and you can request to create a log about the process. Thanks to the log, we can have a very idea about where/why a problem occurs.
I am not a specialist of this, but you could try this:


msiexec /i "C:\MyPackage\Example.msi" /L*V "C:\log\example.log"

Monday isn’t a close day in Germany. Maybe at steinberg.

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This is generally caused by broken Windows Registry keys. Did you run a clean-up app such as CCleaner recently? That might have been it.

These programs usually save a backup of the Registry changes they make. Try restoring it.

It depends on the german district.

Tuesday is a close day, not Monday. And Steinberg chose to be lazy on Monday as well.

you´re totally right, restore the registry solved this problem. Thanks