Wavelab 11.1 - Customized Audio Montage Duplicate problems

I’m noticing an issue with the Customized Duplicate Montage function in 11.1. When I take a 44.1k montage and make a 96k custom duplicate from it some of the tack markers are moved around arbitrarily. Note the marker all the way at 7 hours. I reverted back to version 11 and the customized montage works as normal.

44.1k montage:

Customized Duplicate:

Thanks for the report. This seems to be a regression to be addressed for WaveLab 11.1.10.

Is this just for upward sample rate Customized Audio Montage Duplicate scenarios? I haven’t seen this issue but I only use this feature to go downward from say 96k to 44.1k or 96k to 48k.

Good question, Justin! I wish I had tried that before I went back to 11. I use this feature all the time so I can’t stay with 11.1 until it’s remedied. I have a lot of processor intensive plugs that I use for restoration and at 96k the computer just can’t take them all at once so when it’s that kind of project I work at 44.1 then make the custom duplicate at 96 and render my master from there.

Interesting. I guess I hadn’t tested this feature going from lower sample rates to higher but so far I haven’t seen an issue going from high to low.

Hopefully PG can resolve it in the next maintenance update.

I just realized that since the only issue is that the markers get jumbled around I can just wait and add the markers in the 96k montage. I’ll try that after I finish this project and report back.

You can also manually copy and paste all markers from one montage to another…they just won’t be bound to the audio clips as they might normally be.

This will be fixed for 11.1.10

Thanks, PG! For anyone else who uses this feature, the workaround of not inserting markers until after the custom duplicate is made works well.

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