WaveLab 11.1 does not load AAC correctly

WaveLab 11.1 does not load AAC correctly.
The same file was successfully loaded and decoded on WaveLab 10.0.70 (build 180) and some other software.
Changing the file name extension did not change the result.
I’m using WaveLab on Windows 10 21H2 (OS build 19044.1826).
Is there a solution at this time?
Thank you.

I need to see the (a) file that does not open. It certainly has a special sub-format.

Is there a way for me to serve the file in question?
Also, will the “state that can be read by WaveLab 10 or other software but not by WaveLab 11” be improved in the future?

Use wetranfer.

There was a change in the Fraunhofer AAC library that is being used by WaveLab. Some unknown special AAC format has been removed.

Share the AAC file that causes the problem. (I used Google Drive)

There seems to be a problem when creating a file with Sony’s software “Music Center”.

I can open this file in WaveLab 11.1.10 on Windows 10.

I want to find out why I can’t open the file in my environment.
The PC has just had a clean install of Windows and I think there are very few factors that could cause problems.
Can you guess how to fix any problems?

I hardly think this can depend on your environment. To open your file, I have just dropped it over WaveLab 11.1.10 build 39.
Verify you have the right WaveLab installed.

I’m using WaveLab 11.1.10 build 39.
I have installed the latest version that can be obtained with the download assistant.
I also deleted the configuration file, but the problem did not improve.

And you can’t decode the very same file you have uploaded to wetransfer?

I’m also able to load your file.

Wavelab 11.1.10, Windows 11.

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The file seems to load fine for me as well in Wavelab 11.1.10 on latest Win 10. I also tried to change the file extension to *.aac and *.m4a, but no problems with decoding these either.
I compared to Wavelab 10.0.70, with the only difference being that WL 11 decodes the file as 16 Bit Integer, while WL 10 decodes as 32 Bit Float. I also did a WAV-export of the decoded file in WL 10 and compared it with the decoded file in WL 11, resulting in only very minor differences (level of around -80dBFS and below) caused by the different bit depths.

Does the file for you not load entirely in WL 11, or does it load but with some errors?

I can also load the file without difficulty. This is on the latest version of WL 11.1.10 and current Windows 10 Professional build.