WaveLab 11.1 internal Routing

I am new to Wavelab and intend to use it as my primary audio editor rather than a DAW for Surround and Binaural Radio Drama and Documentary needs So I need to understand what’s its doing.

What I understand so far from the Manual is that you can use the Montage to create a surround bus lets say 7.1.4
Now each individual track you insert can be either mono (routed to left or right), stereo (routed to left and right), or multi (routed to left and right, as well as center, rear, sides and top)

All these tracks are routed to front right and left, Side Rear and Top
these are sent to the master section as 7.1.4 and they can be positioned in surround space using a surround panner as seen in the video below.

but clips tracks or even groups are always stereo so even though a track is routed to surround it remains fundamentally Stereo and no matter which surround plugin is slapped to it despite it being routed to surround the plugin in the clip lane, group and output section will always see it as Stereo.
That’s the confusing part.

If you add (record, import) surround files, they will appear as surround.
If your original file is stereo, it will appear as stereo.
It depends on the source.

Where do you see that?

Hi PG1
as shown above in the clip, when I group the surround channels into a group and apply any surround plugin it sees it as stereo. As I said I am new and the Manual is not very clear and couldn’t find much information on Routing.

You can only use Surround plugins in the Output Effect Section or in the Master Section.
This is the way WaveLab is conceived. I know it’s a limitation, but WaveLab is not here to compete eg. with Nuendo.

I understand that. The workflow of Wavelab is stellar, and because of its speed it can grow into a tool for churning out surround Branches and leaves that decorate the stems and roots in Nuendo. Documentary filmmakers in India usually do their own Editing and Sound design due to budget reason and deadlines are tight.