WaveLab 11.1 Pro hangs when open audio connection window

I have issue with new 11.1 update. My preffered sample rate is 48khz. When I open for example wav file with 44.1khz and go to audio connections WaveLab hangs and im my audio interface control panel can see that it goes to endless loop of switching sample rate from 44.1 to 48. You can see it in attached video.
In 11.0 version there was no such weird behavior.

Windows 11 Pro, Arturia AudioFuse Studio, i7 12700k, 64gb ram.


Try in Master Section set and switch
Resampling to preferred sample rate
for your audio device like 48 kHz,
now load the 44.1 kHz file and playback.
Does it work ?

regards S-EH

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Seems this solution worked for me fine!
Btw is there any option to always stay enabled that preffered sample rate resampling? As when I close WaveLab and reopen, this option is disabled by default and I need always to enable it manualy which is kinda annoying.

Do like this and it will be remembered:

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Thank you very much!

Great, you guys solved my issue, excellent! :pray: :sunglasses: :100: