WaveLab 11.1 Pro voucher - I incorrectly received an Educational voucher

My voucher has gone live on My Steinberg - and I have received the wrong voucher.

I had WaveLab 10 Pro Educational, which I upgraded to WaveLab 11 Pro. The upgrade removes the educational restriction - it is now a retail licence.

I received a voucher for WaveLab 11.1 Pro Educational, which I will not be applying. I have opened support case #490695.

Same for me :frowning:

I have received a replacement Download Access Code on the support system and have migrated my WaveLab licence successfully.

I recommend anyone else with this issue open a support case.

After receiving (from support) the correct Download Access Code my licence was upgraded sucessfully.
However, I am left with two licences in the activation manager. One that is ok and one that is going to get expired.

Do I need to do something about it, or just leave it as it is?