Wavelab 11.2 Crashes when booting on Mac Studio

I cannot use Wavelab anymore. It won’t even boot. I have tried re installing. I have tried booting in Rosetta. I have deleted anything that is not VST3.

Did you try removing the WaveLab preferences?

I see many users thinking that a reinstall of the app will fix a certain problem, but normally it doesn’t because the Preferences folder is not modified during the re-install.

Maybe an option to preserve or delete the Preferences folder when installing/re-installing would be a good idea. With the default setting to NOT delete the Preferences folder of course.

Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Problem was resolved.
I deleted everything I could possibly delete associated with Wavelab including every VST that wasn’t VST3 on my system but nothing worked until I went into the hidden “receipts” folder and deleted the .bom and .plist files associated with Wavelab 11. So basically it was a fresh install.

A feature I would like to see is to have an option to select what plugins to use during install. Not necessarily as detailed as in plug in settings within the app, but being able to have it scan just VST3 and make those available to use. On many occasions I would need to boot in Rosetta mode cause it would get hung up on some VST2 plug in I didn’t realize I had checked in plug in settings.

I am a Wavelab newbie and I think it is a great product. I am also enjoying all the “how to” videos you have available. Keep up the great work!