Wavelab 11.2 RIFF Metadata


In Wavelab 11.2 RIFF metadata there are two Track Number tags. One of them has the same code as the Id3v2 Track Number tag. Is that right?

Also there is no composer or textwriter tag in the Wavelab RIFF table. Can IMUS Composer and IWRI Author/Writer please be added?

They appear on the musicbrainz and hydrogenaudio tag mapping pages.

RIFF and Id3v2 are independent format. If there is a common tag, this is a coincidence. This being said, ITRK and TRCK are present because I found them mentioned in the specs at some point.

This can be done. I note this.

While I generally advise against the use of RIFF metadata due to its lack of official Unicode support—owing to its age—WaveLab does attempt to modernize this standard by writing UTF-8 to these fields. However, some applications can only interpret the text based on the local language of the currently active operating system.