WaveLab 11.2 several issues

I’ve got a few issues in WL 11.2 on my MacBook Pro with Sonoma.

  1. Rendering (except Real Time rendering, for which Thank You!) creates a garbled output.

  2. Real Time rendering works a charm, except sometimes I cannot audition the render. It’s funny, if I render a range selection, the audition function works. If I render all marked regions, it doesn’t.

  3. About 20% of the time when I first open WL11, it will freeze while loading plug-ins in the previously opened montage. I have to force quit WL and start again.

Are you using just the built-in audio device in the MacBook, or some outboard gear? Freezes when plugins are loading are likely caused by a specific plugin. Not sure if there’s a “safe mode”, or might be worth seeing if you can see what plugin it’s getting stuck on. :person_shrugging:

Using a UAD Apollo Twin-X TB, on non-shared TB port.

Loss of audio audition when real-time rendering self-corrected for no obvious reason, so I’m waiting to see if it reoccurs.

The garbled output during normal rendering makes no sense whatsoever, and has never happened in any version of WL or the OS or plug-ins. I am doing resampling and using the MS during render. I have not tried removing all plug-ins to see if it happens.

I actually like real-time render, and if I have to I’ll keep using it until the normal render is fixed. Here’s hoping the audition function keeps working.

I’m sure this is all down to OS upgrades, driver upgrades and WL updates all happening simultaneously. There was a time when I would bother to untie that knot, but these days I’ll avoid it if possible.

I have exactly the same problem. Every time I open Wavelab Elements 11.2, it’s a gamble. I also work with UAD plugins and I have installed the UAD Satellite 2 PCI card in my Mac Pro.
The update exists since I’ve updated to SONOMA.