WaveLab 11.30 LE MacOS crashes after selecting "Recently used files" option or "Create Empty Window"

WaveLab 11.30 LE on Mac OS 11.5.1 suddenly stopped working.
It crashes after this screen no matter what option I choose

Nothing has been installed or uninstalled on my mac pro. The only thing I changed recently is buffer size in wavelab settings.

Please help!
I need to work!

You could try to delete the general.dat file in your Preferences folder, or if that doesn’t work, the entire Preferences folder.

Without seeing the crash logs, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific preference file to delete.

Before you delete anything you can backup the entire Preferences folder in case you want to put any safe presets or files back if you have a really specific workflow you need to keep in tact.

I made a video here that explains more:

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Thank you for the suggestion!
I would try to delete preference folder but I cannot find it anywhere on my Mac :thinking:
I tried "/Library/Preferences/program name/” under my home directory and “/Users/my user name/Library/Preferences/program name/” but both without success.

Here is the crashlog I got after the program crashing:
crashlog.txt.zip (26.2 KB)

I also reinstalled the program but the problem persists.

In the video it explains where to find your Preferences folder. MacOS hides your Library by default but the video explains how to find it easily.

Reinstalling the app rarely fixes something like this because the Preferences are not overwritten normally.

Dear sir @Justin_Perkins you’ve just saved my day!
I was able to find General.dat and remove it and program started working.
Thank you A LOT for your prompt help! I truly appreciate it!

Great! Deleting that file will reset some settings back to the default but most of your settings and presets should be retained which is good.

As for the actual cause of the crashes, PG will have to analyze the crash log and see if there are any clues.

Another possible clue: I was trying to open Downloads folder with a .wav file that has been produced by VLC player and saved in that folder, and the program started crashing again. Removing that file from the folder fixed this second issue.