Wavelab 11 and fixed keycommands

I recently jumped to Wavelab 11, from my old mastering DAW, and I love it. Jus one thing bugs me hard:
On my understanding numpad Enter key is hard fixed to “Play from cursor” and that really sucks.
I have been using keypad for over 30 years, and I am putting values, especially zero values to plugins via it and every time I do this thing that is deep in to my cortex, playhead jumps to cursor.

Preeeetty please, it would be easy fix to make it moddable, dot you think?

Mac or Windows?

Mac. Is that not a case with windows?

Yes. Normally that’s the task of the plugin to consume the key command when an edit field is focused (because WaveLab can’t know that). This works on Windows, and apparently not on Mac. I will check the case further.

Thank you so much!

:pray: please :slight_smile:

i wanna buy wavelab 11, but i was in trial mode till now on windows 11 on 64 bit new pc!
, i already try to delete old key licence of trial and that don t desappear, and i wanna know if i buy a package of wavelab 11 that old licence key desappear .

Thank You very much if someone can help me,
sorry of my english words to,

strong hug from portugal to all forum

Nell Silva