Wavelab 11 and Mac OS Monterey - Issue Fixed


I had to upgrade my Mac OS to Monterey, and saw that Wavelab 11 was not able to be opened. I did notice though the Wavelab 10 was able to work correctly.

Any news on this issue?

Thank you,
David Bendayan

What is happening?

It opens the program, asks what to do i.e: Open recent files, or template. but once you choose empty template it quits unexpectedly. In Wavelab 10 it is able to open the editor post template choosiing, and everything seemed to work at least batch converts (in Wavelab 10).

Waiting for someone from Steinberg to address this.

David Bendayan

I’m running Monterey on a 24", M1, 2021 Mac and can choose any type of empty template of WaveLab 11 without crashing it. :man_shrugging:

Thanks nikope - your comment helped me a lot.
It turned out to be a problem with sonnox plugins which needed an upgraded. The plugin was instantiated by default, and by deleting the preference folder in Wavelab 11, I managed to see the problem.


You’re welcome.

How do you delete the preference folder in wavelab 11?