Wavelab 11 and Realtek Audio Driver not supporting 44100MHz

Dear All,
I am experiencing probably the biggest issue I have ever had since using Wavelab (and I’ve luckily survived 4 versions of that). My new laptop does not support 44100 MHz. I mean the speakers, the headphones - all of that is set to play only default format of 48000MHz. So when I’m opening any file different from the above I have constant clips, hisses just any kind of distortion you can imagine. I was that close to return the laptop and buy something more flexible but then, just to check, I installed antique version of Cool Edit Pro and - surprise, surprise - it played everything as loud and clear as it should be played. So what to do with that issue, how to solve it? Anyone?

Buy an audio interface

You could also set the Resampler in the Master Section to 48000 but the real solution is probably to use an interface that supports the sample rate(s) you need to work at unless you’re doing non-professional work.

Sorry, I tried that. Wavelab 11 does not work with Asio4All. And moreover it requires its own audio connector which is actually distributed by Steinberg: Asio Low Latency Driver. It doesnt solve or change anything, but of course I have it.
Yes. I know I can resample everything to 48000 but as Justin_P noticed - it is not a solution

My guess is that Cool Edit Pro or Windows is resampling to 48000 on the fly which I would call un-ideal.

I don’t know what the solution is other than to get a proper interface, or why WaveLab 11 doesn’t support this while older versions do but it sounds strange overall.

Proper interface sounds good, but do you have any suggestions? Anything recommended?

From what I can tell, setting the Resampler of WaveLab to 48000 is the same (but probably better quality sound) than letting Cool Edit Pro and/or Windows resample on the fly so that is probably the best solution I can think of.

I don’t use Windows or have this problem so I unfortunately don’t have any more info for you.

All right. Thanks anyway, Justin_P

RME interfaces are highly rated, but far from cheap.

Steinberg audio interfaces offer decent price/performance for many uses. Does something from the UR-C series fit your needs?

I am pretty sure that the Generic ASIO Driver is the source of problems here. I just downloaded another DAW, Sound Forge Audiostudio 16 this time. And again - it’s working perfectly fine. I would like to avoid the situation where I’ll be forced to quit using Wavelab but it seems pretty realistic if they don’t help me to solve the issue.

As far as Realtek can only play 48k, resampling has to be done at one stage or another.

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