WaveLab 11 & Avid DNxHD Codec. Can't upload a video

So, I purchased the Wavelab 11. I tried to upload a video - it gives a message about the absence of a codec. OK, downloaded (from avid), installed, the video doesn’t play and I can’t replace its audio track.
Why are there no installation recommendations anywhere? Why is the link to this codec empty on the website and the user has to search for the codec himself. Is there no clear explanation of the problem in the store or on the help pages?
(Windows 10, Nuendo 11, Wavelab 11)

Maybe you need this:

Thank you for the answer! But I saw this, the link to the shop leads into the void. How to register, where to get and configure the codec is a mystery. Moreover, there is such a magic link to the page _steinberg.net/dnxhd /
and that’s it.
Aw, Steinberg, why should I waste time on a simple operation? I understand - this codec is from Avid and everything related to Avid is shrouded in mystery and silence))
But give recommendations so that people don’t look for where to download the necessary component for work.

FWIW there are simply too many CODECs for video. A real pain in the back side. I do video production and restoration and there are a lot of problems with people using “strange” CODECs and then wondering why they cannot see them on their DVWs or on their computers. FWIW

I understand you don’t like wasting time.
But don’t call “simple” anything related to video :wink:

Friends, I have been using Wavelab for 20 years of work. And here comes an update in which the work with the replacement of the audio stream from the video file is declared. The user starts the program and doesn’t get it, and has to search.