Wavelab 11 Crashing When Dragging Clips Along Montage Timeline

I use Wavelab for creating radio packages and documentaries, but I’m finding that it crashes quite often when Im dragging clips along the montage timeline, so it’s becoming a real bind and quite difficult to work with. Thing is, it’s happening on two different machines on different operating systems so I’m not sure what’s going on - My older MacBook Pro runs Catalina and my new Mac mini runs Monterey, and both have the latest Wavelab 11 Pro software versions. There’s no warning or hanging, the programme just terminates. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :

Please attach a dump with the native .crash extension, not the .odt extension, which makes it unusable.

Apologies. How about this?..

Thanks, this one was useful.
The exact reason of the problem is not clear, as I can’t reproduce it. Nevertheless, it seems related to a specific montage option. Please uncheck the option below and tell me if that works for you.
I would also recommend upgrading your Mac OS version because the actual crash happens inside OSX (even if the problem is more likely on the WaveLab side).
BTW, are you using mono or stereo tracks?

It looks like you may have solved the problem sir! I unchecked that box on both my MacBook (running Catalina) and my new M1 Mac mini (running Monterey) and the problem SO FAR seems to have disappeared on both machines. I also then re-checked the box on both as a test to see what happened, and yes, the problem re-appeared.
To answer your other question - one track in the montage is mono, the other two tracks are stereo. It’s usually the mono track (dialogue, VO) that I drag along the timeline, so maybe that was part of the problem too, I don’t know.
Anyway, thank you very much indeed for your help with this, PG1, and for the speed you came back with an answer for me. It’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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