Wavelab 11 crashing when loading master section preset


Just upgraded to WL 11 after being on WL 9.5 for years. Got a new Mac Studio, fresh install of all OS/plugs/apps.

Anytime I open a Montage I created on WL 9.5 in WL11, it opens fine, BUT when I load the master preset associated with the montage, it crashes instantly. Tried this with multiple sessions, and the only plug I was using on the master was Flux Elixir.

Because I do most of my processing before I get to WL, it’s not a huge deal but I do use the Elixir enough that this is frustrating.


Thanks for any help…


This typically means your Master Section preset has a plugin that causes the crash. Replace the Master Section preset associated to the montage with a new one.

Thank you for the quick reply. I assume that it was Flux Elixir causing the issue - just didn’t know if there was any thing that could be done without losing my settings if I had to do a recall…

I would report the issue to Flux to see if they can fix the plugin issue.

I’ve had luck with other plugin developers fixing bugs in their plugins.

Thanks Justin!

Appreciate the advice here.

Elixir just catches peaks for me, but it’s the plugs that come before it that matter for doing recalls. But moving forward with new session it’s a non-factor.

Have a great day and thanks again!

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