Wavelab 11 DAC

according to this post a couple of weeks ago:

anybody had anything ? or does anybody know where the new “Vouchers” segment is in your MySteinberg account ?

Nothing yet here (WaveLab 11 Pro licence holder).

I would expect an e-mail from Steinberg and a new announcement in the forums when the licence migration pathway is available.

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nothing here, working between 3 locations this week, and would love one less thing to worry about not packing or losing lol

Earlier today a video called “WaveLab License Migration | Support” was uploaded to the Steinberg YouTube channel. I realised because I got a notification for it - but it had been marked private.

This gives the impression that the migration will go live in the next few days.

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On the Steinberg Twitter account, they have announced the video which is still private. It also looks like the tweet was scheduled, so probably pretty soon :crossed_fingers:

It seems that someone needs a lesson in scheduling social media posts!

The good news is that it seems as if everything is now in place. I hope the migration system will go live in the next 36 hours so I can free another of my Steinberg applications from eLicenser.

I have got a way to go, though:

  • Dorico - upgraded to Dorico 4
  • Nuendo - upgraded to Nuendo 12
  • WaveLab - migration of existing WaveLab 11 licence hopefully imminent
  • Spectralayers - will upgrade from Spectralayers Pro 8 when Spectralayers 9 releases on June 29th

That still leaves VST Connect Pro, the DNxHD video plugin, Absolute and a lot of content packs to migrate. I expect I will have to wait to move Absolute until HALion 7 releases later this year, so most of my content will likely have to stay on eLicenser until then.

Even so, I am now close to having my core audio toolkit on my Surface Pro 7+ as well as my main system. Having all of Dorico, Nuendo, WaveLab and Spectralayers on the Surface will be a huge help.