WaveLab 11 Elements No Sound

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing good.

There’s no sound on Wavelab, still meters have audio running.

I use a Chord Mojo DAC/AMP.

All other drivers can reproduce sound.

Help please.

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I was wondering if this was solved, I can only access the Mojo2 via the generic asio driver installed with wavelab but it seems to be 16-Bit only according to the info on the panel.

I can probably run optical from my RME to the Mojo but would like to know if there is anyone else who has found a way to get the ASIO driver for the Mojo working.

So running from the RME to the Mojo via the optical works fine, also gave me access to sample rates other than 44.1, 48 and 96. Be interested to see if any other Chord Users have similar issues and workarounds.