Wavelab 11 - massive CPU drain at 192 kHz playback (compared to earlier versions)


when I play back a stereo 192k file (without any processing in the master section), my CPU load goes way beyond 50 %, causing nasty spikes and dropouts. That prevents me from using realtime external FX …

When I use a 44.1k rate file, it works fine, with low CPU load.

If I play the same 192k file at Wavelab 9, CPU load is low and plays back just fine, too …

I tried the latest WL11 update - no success so far … Any idea what causes this/how it can be fixed? I’m running Win10.



What audio device are you using to play at 192k ?
You should reduce the number of active audio channels in the audio connection settings.
Because the more active, the more CPU consumption.
Try with just 2 channels for playback and 4 channels for External FX.

Thanks Philippe, much appreciated! I run a Lynx AES16 unit, all channels were active in WL …

As with most things, the error sits in front of the screen :slightly_smiling_face: