Wavelab 11 Montage Multicore Option

I thought I recently noticed there didn’t seem to be any difference if the “Process With Multiple Cores” checkbox in Wavelab 11.2 montage preferences was checked or not. With Windows 10 22H2, looking at Task Manager and Resource Monitor it looked like multiple cores were always being used for render processing, whether the checkbox was checked or not, and whether rendering from (and to) one audio file in a montage or multiple files in a montage.

So I tried it with Wavelab 9.5 and Wavelab 7 and I see the same thing. It looks like the render is being processed in multiple cores. I see this on 3 different computers with different processors. The only thing in common is Windows 10 22H2.

I don’t think it used to look this way. Am I just misinterpreting what I’m seeing, or forgetting how it used to look, or has Windows update somehow changed how this is displayed, or even how it’s processed?

It all depends on what is being processed. Multiple cores are used, when possible, especially when DSP processes can run in parallel. This can occur with different audio tracks or overlapping clips. However, when task A needs to be executed before task B, and task B must be executed before task C, multiple cores won’t be of much help.