Wavelab 11 montage scroll view play cursor weirdness

I’m finding a weirdness with the Audio Montage play cursor in scroll view to be not as accurate on WL11 than on previous versions (especially 9.5)
when I want to edit a section, I put the play cursor where I want it, highlight a section I think needs editing based on the waveform I can see, press play till i get to the piece I want to edit out, then when I attempt to delete the highlighted section it can quite often jump to a different place, I don’t know if its a setting I can adjust to fix?

I’m on a 16" MacBook Pro 16gb ram 1tb NVM, 2 wave lab plugin’s on channel, masterig on master channel + Slick EQ, runs perfect on WL9.5, have this slightly weird oddity on WL11

I have changed some magnetic settings which have helped, but seem to get a slight slowdown on occasion. but why would I have to do this compared to WL9.5 as the settings are all the same?

Edit - Scrap that, still having the original issue

Can you detect any pattern about when this happens or not?

Hi PG,

Yes delved a little deeper, and can run 9.5 and 11 at the same time, it seems to be that the play cursor doesn’t always snap to the end of the highlighted section, like it used to on 9.5 as standard,

On WL11 I don’t have “play from start of new time selection” ticked in the play audio range and it’s on “time selection” as was in 9.5

If I toggle “play from start” on and off it will do it (I have to wait a beat for the play cursor to blink each time then it will play from the end) but after a few times it starts to revert back to playing from the start of the selection even though that setting is off

Hmm, I doubt it (zoom in to confirm)

If somehow you can make a small video to demo your case, that would help.

here we are PG, specifically the one at the end, I press the cursor and highlight a section and it jumps, but I am pressing in the space in-between that section, not where where it goes back and highlights

another bit of feedback from one of my other editors who’s also just updated from 9.5 to 11 “When I highlight a section to go to the next edit the playback starts where the cursor is and doesn’t start at the end of the highlight but the settings are the same as 9.5”

they are on a windows machine (HP HP EliteOne 1000 G2 27" 4K UHD Non-Touch AiO with i7)

here’s the same type of edit as the video from WL11, but in wavelab 9.5, scrolling window, with the same settings,

Hmm, at which exact time of your video, things get wrong?

If I understand you right, I think this should be off:

it is off in WL11, thats why I flagged it up :+1: it starts off fine, then goes a little haywire

It’s the end edit on the video, my mouse point is going for the edit inbetween (not the large gap) when I stretch to highlight, then goto delete the section, the section moves which means I can’t complete the edit correctly

here is another instance in WL11 for you PG, which should = the same edit type from the 9.5 video. took till the 3rd attempt of pressing play stop, before the cursor moved to the end of the highlighted section, to complete the edit

sorry PG I forgot to mention, I Get these errors when playback speed is 180%, 200%, 250% and 300%
which are the ballpark speeds i use for audiobook/podcast/dialogue tracking and editing.

But not at normal speed?

just checked and done some testing at other playback speeds, much more accurate in real time, still seems to happen occasionally, approx once in 10 of those edit types, 110-140% playback speed seem to have the same frequency of the problem occuring (1 in 10) as real time playback speed.
Seems to ramp up to around a 1 in 3 error rate at 150% playback speed or above
I didn’t check incrementally above 150% as I’ve had the issue at 180, 200, 250 & 300% and the error rate (1 in 3) doesn’t seem to change within those

also didn’t think it was worth trying above 300% speed as I suspect users would mostly go above that for playback only after that so would be a lesser issue
Podcast and audiobook editors won’t normally go above 3x/300% from my day to day experience, and even then 3x speed is only reserved for extremely well recorded and well voiced material.

also got to test the other editors PC today (windows) PG, seems to be generating the same issue and error frequency, and how they described it just was “its not going to the end” so im sorry for the confusion on that halfway up

Thanks for the complementary info