Wavelab 11 new features for simple use

I have Wavelab 10 and use it quite simply to master stereo recordings. Usually 1 at a time but if putting together an album then for level matching as well. I also use batch processing now and again. What out of the new features added will aid me better at what I do and what new mastering plugins have been added? (Don’t include ones that come with Cubase 11 as I already have that as my DAW).

The program seems huge now (in features) and I’m worried I won’t find my way round it but also for my needs there is nothing extra added that will improve things for me.

People seem to be excited about plugin parameter automation although I find that the only real automation I do in mastering is level automation which was of course already possible in WaveLab.

If anything, I think the performance improvements in WaveLab 11 are worth it alone and for me, it may seem small but the feature that allows you to set a default starting point for any plugin when you insert it is nice. Not all plugins have a native setting to determine a default starting point.

In a few weeks you can trial WaveLab 11 and see for yourself if you’re unsure.

I think any new features are purely optional and you won’t find them to be “in your way” if you don’t want to use them. WL10 and WL11 look fairly identical and isn’t such a big change as 8.5 to WaveLab 9 was…or WaveLab 6 to 7 was.

Check this.

But also:

Thanks I’ll take a look.isn’t the eq already part of Cubase though?