Wavelab 11 Not working with Grace M900 D/A, Headphone Amp

I’m having an incompatible issue with the Grace M900 and Wavelab 11. Wavelab freezes when I hit play. The Grace works fine with I-Tunes and Audirvana, and Wavelab works with built in audio or headphones plugged into my laptop. Wavelab sees the Grace in the control panel I/O and my Mac sees it in system preferences. Using USB connection, MacBook Pro 2019 16G.

It’s been awhile since I looked into this but when the m900 was my primary mobile interface, I had to set it up as an aggregate device in MacOS for it to get along with WaveLab.

Since then, Grace has also sent me a beta build of the m900 firmware that makes it work natively with WaveLab, no aggregate device needed.

You can probably contact Grace and have them link you to it.

Awesome, I’ll email them.

I have the same issue. I’m not sure what the incompatibility is, but the beta build of the m900 firmware fixes it.