WaveLab 11 now available - the most comprehensive update in product history

Philippe, I agree, but my entry is not a “bug reports”, only my observation after 2 hours of testing new version and I wanted to share them to these users who haven’t yet installed “11” - I had to reinstall “10”, because of “stereo-mono” issue.

About Inspector panel - when I first launched “11”, I opened single wav file and created audio montage session out of it. And I tested new features on them. But when I wanted to check new “Clean” and “Enhance” one-click features, the panel Inspector had no controls! It was only after I switched to audio file and back to audio montage that the controls became visible.

About RodeCaster files - I meant Elements of course :slight_smile: This version of Elements has a lot of features from WabeLab Cast AND multichannel support, but only for 5.1 format. RodeCaster is so popular, that it will be nice to have a possibility to open files from it (for podcasters it will be a great feature!) Yeah, I know, this will be “too much”, there must be a clear difference between Pro and Elements versions :wink: although you have to remember that both Reaper and Audacity can open such files, so this is not “too much” of an expectation I suppose :wink:

Maybe an “import to montage” feature (and not audio editor editing) would be a good step.

Yes, I think this will be nice in the future. I don’t think Steinberg will implement something like that in this version… (for current users 5.1 and 8 tracks in Audio Montage are a nice surprise :wink: )

I am not complaining at all. The only reason I thought about the RodeCaster files was that version 11 seems to be made mainly for podcasters.

I’m having the same issue here. I’m on Big Sur (latest update) and WL11 Pro crashes a few seconds after the GUI appears every time I try to open it. Have you tried PG1’s recommendation to trash imported pref’s? I’ll try it later this evening after work and will report back.

Update: trashing the Cache folder and letting Wavelab rescan my plugins fixed my crash at startup issue. I’m back in business and loving WL11 so far.


Great update! Thank you Steinberg!

hi guys there is no demo for wave lab elements 11 :smiley:

This did not help I am afraid.
It starts. I select the last file to open or even create empty. WL 11 displays for just a brief moment and “poof” gone!
back to desktop.
what else to delete? thx!

Alright got it.I deleted ALL CACHE files…

too bad…lot of work not imported into WL11.
But rocks now!

You can experiment by manually putting some things back such as Render Presets, and other presets that could save you some time.

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Lovely update - responds to many feature requests. My 2 cents, FWIW:
Runs beautifully on 2019 Mac Pro & both Big Sur & Monterey beta.
Loving the stem mixing, very nice. Works well with Spectralayers Pro 8 as external editor (will be nice to see full ARA2 integration at some point).
Now takes full advantage of my Aggregate Audio I/O setup (where it didn’t before), works perfectly - UA Apollo X8, Antelope Orion 32+, Antelope Pure 2.

Only one oddity for me so far: Wavelab will not set a change of external clock source correctly - the system just produces distortion (say when changing from 44.1kHz to 96kHz). In this case the master clock is the Pure 2 & when changing clock rates otherwise, this works as it should in Nuendo or other DAWs, ie, just change the project rate and all devices follow. In the case of Wavelab, this requires either i) quitting and setting the Pure 2 rate manually in its control panel, or ii) using the re-sample feature in Wavelab’s master bus.

Otherwise, a very nice update.

Interesting. With my RME AES card and also with my MC-3+ Smart Clock USB, the device switches sample rates very fast and smooth all the time. Same with the Grace m905 on my b-rig and my Grace m900 travel setup.

Did it work better for you in WaveLab 11? Does it work better when another non-Antelope device if you have one? Maybe a little testing can tell you something and solve it.

In my case upgrading 10 to 11 killed my audio settings:

I had the settings AIO SPDIF L and R and they where AIO Analog Mono 1/2.

So i had to adjust it. RME AIO Interface…

It’s a great new edition of WaveLab and as a recent new user I like it. You have to applaud the development of parameter automation and multi-channel support, which stood out as two main features people missed in online commentary back when I was researching the alternatives.

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