WaveLab 11 on high-resolution (4K, 8K, high-dpi) monitors

(This has been an issue for a long time, but now that high-resolution monitors are quite common in music studios, it seems worthwhile to discuss.)

When using WaveLab 11 on high-resolution monitors, in most configurations the application interface looks sharp with default settings. However, with those default settings, many 3rd-party plugins render visually at extremely small sizes. These plugins are often rendered so small as to be unreadable and unusable. Here are a couple examples of this effect, exemplifying that the issue affects modern plugins such as iZotope Neoverb as well as ancient artifacts such as URS EQs.

If the user changes the Properties of the executable WaveLabPro11.exe…
Compatibility > Change high DPI settings > High SPI scaling override >
Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by > System (Enhanced)
… then almost all plugins render quite nicely and are usable. But the tradeoff is that the WaveLab application UI becomes somewhat blurry. (The blurriness may not be evident in the below screenshots, but it’s easy to see when looking at the physical screen.)

Ideally, the WaveLab UI would remain crisp and sharp as it is with default settings, while supporting the rendering of all plugins at large, usable sizes. The current workaround of editing executable properties fixes the plugin size issue at the expense of overall UI sharpness.

@PG1 you have brilliantly solved issues like this in the past. Would it be possible to create a solution where plugins can be optionally rendered like the System (Enhanced) high-DPI override, while the WaveLab UI itself remains scaled with default settings?

(I should note: As a few examples, Blue Cat Audio, Audified and Topten Software each seem to have solved this issue with their PatchWork, inTone and Cantabile VST hosting tools, respectively. The PatchWork, inTone and Cantabile application UIs themselves remains sharp at all zoom levels, and almost all plugins render at a readable, usable size. Cantabile even has a program option: “Hi-DPI User Interface: Enabled & Upscale Plugins.” So it seems it can be done…)