Wavelab 11 opens very slowly sometimes

Sometimes WL opens quickly sometimes it takes up to a minute to open. Is there some file I need to erase to get WL back to what it was a couple of weeks ago? I have checked everything I can think of…It also seems like at times WL is very sluggish and can take a long time to do even the simplest tasks. The other day I wanted to recall a file I had worked on two weeks ago and the recent file menu took almost two minutes to open. I am on Windows 10 Pro running on a very fast “gaming computer” with 16 gigs of memory and everything is up to date software wise. I am stumped. Thanks in advance…

I think I have solved the problem. It was Microsoft Edge running in the background. I found a solution here How to disable Microsoft Edge Windows 10 - Google Search Now that it is shut down WL 11 works as it has in the past and is fast. FWIW

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