WaveLab 11 Plugin Window Width

Then newly enhanced plugin window with its much increased width means that a fair number of my important plugins now have a blank white band (using already scarce screen real-estate) to the side - this has broken the analysis screen layouts I have been using for mastering for years!

For example, I use MeterPlugs Dynameter (still the best dynamics monitoring I have found) and still often use SSL X-ISM (with jBridge) for clear inter-sample peak clipping monitoring. Both of these plugins now take around 50% of the WaveLabs plugin “container” width, with the rest blank - and I’m sure others are having similar issues. See screenshots comparing WaveLabs 11 with WaveLabs 10 with Dynameter to show the issue:

WavesLabs Pro 11:

WaveLabs Pro 10

As an enhancement request (ideally as a fix in 11), it would be great if you could “minimise” the extra functionality on the plugin window (maybe with a ← button and a → to expand it) with the absolutely critical functions always shown - so that the window could just fit any plugin width, even the most narrow.

Please post one or two screenshots, to make sure the issue is properly understood.


Done, edited original to add the screenshots.