Wavelab 11 Pro CPU Spikes, distorted audio, then no playback

I’m having a really odd issue in Wavelab 11.0.10. Hoping someone can help me out… I’m mastering in a Montage as I always have. Sending pre-master out through my chain via a Lynx Hilo, and returning into a print track with my standard stack of plugins at the inspector > output tab (GHz Midside, Fielder audio stage, ProQ, BlackQv2, Weiss Deess, StandardClip, Pro-L2) *Used the same software and hardware setup on a bunch of mastering sessions without a problem. The only major things that have changed are that I went from WLP Pro 10 to 11… I can’t get through playing back the track without the DSP/CPU meter in the transport spiking and then the audio get distorted. After a few seconds it goes back to normal. But it’s really hard to work when it does this several times throughout a 5min track. It starts off ok with the DSP meter around 30% (as it usually has in the past)… then the DSP spikes come in and out. The worst part is that after it does this a few times, then I can’t get any playback at all! I’ve tried moving the session from the external to the internal drive in case theres a problem with the read/write speed, deactivating/removing certain plugins one at a time (which really shouldn’t matter, being this stack has been used many times and is a preset for me)… tried creating a new Montage in case something got corrupted. Still hitting the same issue over and over. Also after the issue occurs several times, transport fails to playback. I press play, the play button in the transport flickers and does not play. I’m thinking this may be a WL11 Pro issue, not specific to any plugin. Regardless of the type or brand of plugin, once the cpu load hits a certain threshold the bad behavior begins. I’m running WLP 11.0.10 (the latest release) on OSX big sur 11.6 on a 6 core Intel mac mini. Never had these types of issues on my pre update catalina + WLP10 setup. Hardware and routing remained the same as well. Hilo via USB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Have you tried to raised the buffer size from 512 and up to 1024 or more in Audio Device,
about the plugins I don’t have any experience maybe Justin or others chime in here !

regards S-EH

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And with WaveLab 10 on the same version of OSX?

If you set these options off, you will get a behavior closer to WaveLab 10. But I doubt this helps. Try anyway.

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Thanks guys! I’ll take a look at both of these settings when I get to the studio tomorrow. I appreciate your help.