Wavelab 11 pro marker re-draw issue when dragging marker in montage?

Updated post 1st reply I’ve come across a potential issue (intel 16" MacBook Pro 10.15.7 16gb raedon pro 5500m) with slow Marker re-draw when the marker is grabbed in a montage, in WL 9.5 & 10 when you grab a marker and move it the dotted line appears in the montage for placement, but im seeing in WL 11 pro it either doesn’t show up or there is a long delay until it does

is there some cache I need to clear to fix this? or a button press to flick on and off?
in WL11 I don’t have any intensive plugins on, just a VST dynamics on the track, de-ess on the track cleanup and masterig on the master out, WL11.0.20 update


I haven’t clipped WL 10 up as its ok as above


a little bit more info after editing for a morning, it appears in WL11 that the dotted line appears when dragging the marker within the montage where the audio is, but doesn’t appear when moving on the timeline ruler (it does in WL9.5 and 10)


WL9.5 (and 10) behaviour it shows in montage area and on timeline ruler


“Cue Point”
It’s possible to change this behaviour check here…
AudioMontage > Edit > Clip
open Cue Point and select what is needed

regards S-EH

Hi S-EH, will changing the option make the dotted line appear if Im dragging a marker on the timeline ruler aswell of in the audio section on a montage? I have just tried it but doesn’t seem to make any difference in 11.0.20, (I prefer it set to set to default gap position)

Yes, this is a known issue in WaveLab 11.0.20.

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fixed in 11.0.30

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