Wavelab 11 Pro multi file rendering in Audio Editor problem

Upgraded from WLPro 9.5 to 11 recently and all great apart from one issue which I didn’t have in 9.5 - when working in the audio editor and rendering a single file to a different folder all fine, but when rendering more than one file to a different folder using the Multi tab option the files are rendered ok but they also open even though the Open Resulting Audio File box and Open Files In New File Group are unticked. This can be mighty confusing if I’m rendering a lot of files at once. Also .gpk files are created for the new audio ignoring my preference for none. Any help appreciated PG.
I’m on Windows10 Pro.

Right, this is a bug to fix. To ease closing these files, you can ask to open them in a file group, and then you can close all of them by closing the file group.

I think the “No” option works, but as soon as a file is opened, a peak has to be created. And this is what happens in your scenario.

Thanks very much PG, much appreciated!