Wavelab 11 pro weird behaviour on older mac

Hello all,

We have WL 11 pro installed on two older iMacs (24"" inch, 2016-2017) , after saving an audiofile weird distorted spikes occur in the audiofile. I thought it was a computer related issue, but it’s happening on another one as well.
Is this a compatibility issue? As fas as I know both macs are running a recent OS.


Using WaveLab 11.0.30 ?
No known such issue. What OSX version?
How do you “save”?


I have iMac late 2015, 21.5 screen with Big Sur and WaveLab 11.0.30
and never found distorted spikes in saved audio files!
What kind of audio format ?

regards S-EH

Hi all,

Yes, it’s Wavelab Pro , 11…0.30. OS is 12.2.1 (Monterey)
What happens is this: a large 16bit wav file (>1 hour) gets edited, and when CMD+S is used, once in a while these strange ‘spikes’ appear


and when you zoom in on that spike?

it looks like this:

Do these parts correspond to locations you have edited?

most probaply yes, but i’ll check to be sure (it was our employee)

Yep, some edits were made, then after a while CMD+S, and a ‘spike’ pops up on one of the points where an edit was made.
I do have a screen recording of this happening, but i guess i can’t upload it here?

here’s the upper lane before CMD +S
Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 14.12.04

and here’s after

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 14.12.16

Hence, apparently, not exactly at a cut point.
Do you know what kinds of edits you did? Paste, cut, silence?..
If you have the chance to send me a URL to that file, maybe I can analyze more info.


Hi PG1

Sorry I didn’t have an opportunity to follow up.
I’ve narrowed it to down this (I hope):
Somewhere in the file the gain of a small section will is adjusted (CMD+G). Then further along the audio other edits are made (cut, delete etc) and when the file gets saved, once in a while these weird distorted spike comes up. It seems to be occuring in the spot where the gain was adjusted.

I’m not allowed to include a link in this post, is there another way to send you the wav.file?

wavelab build is 11.0.030 (114), the Mac is brand new 24", 12.4, M1.
happened on another (older) Mac as well, both internal drive as well on a portable disk.


  1. Is this a graphical issue only, or also a sonic issue?
  2. Do I understand right that the problem happens after Save was executed? If yes and you undo after the Save command, are the spikes still present?

Use https://wetransfer.com/

Hi Pg, thanks for getting back

1 It is absolutely sonic - a loud distorted noise
2 Yes, it happens after de CMS +S command. Not always, but once in a while. After a save there’s nothing to undo, but if I repair (delete) it, I can make it come up again by undoing the repair.

What email- address should I use in WeTransfer?

I have analyzed the file you sent me. There are some non-coherent things in this file. The file is 32 it float, while the audio samples seem to be quantized at something around ~12 bits. Or like if they have been recorded through some low-cost A/D device or through some strange plugin. It even does not look like a hard-disk error. Just saving a file in WaveLab does not process samples, hence I can’t figure out how what I see could result from WaveLab.My question: where does this file come from? What process it has undergone before loading to WaveLab?