Wavelab 11 Question

Love WL 11 layout . Would like to have more options for key commands like, CLIP-Pan, Volume and Maximize window… I do like the clip and volume control in the CLIP PANE view! That’s cool!
RIGHT NOW, I’m having trouble opening the audio editor? I’m in a montage and want to record into the audio editor? I can only seem to record into the montage?
ALSO, I have channel 3 and 4 on my audio device set to record stereo into the montage but, on the track input it reads Input MONO 3?

One thing at a time… How do I open an empty AUDIO EDITOR to record? I know how to open it to edit a clip (double click)

Anyway, feeling good about the direction of WL… I know you don’t want it to be an “editor” but, I use it as one because it’s the best sounding program I’ve used. I love the GUI and I fell in love with WL 5 when I moved to using DAWs… The mastering section is TOP OF THE LINE so, why not edit and master in the same program? Makes sense to me.

Thank you!!

FWIW, you can edit in the montage too, it’s just non-destructive and then you render a new file with the processing and edit. The Audio Editor is more direct but also non-destructive essentially.

I know there is a way to record to a standalone file in the Audio Editor but I never do that so I can’t say how.

Thank you for the feed back! In WL 10 If you don’t have any tracks enabled to record, the Record screen pops up. If you have a track record enabled it doesn’t pop up. It doesn’t seem to work like that in WL11???

Anybody? Any idea’s? Is this a bug? Is there a new way to open and record iusing the audio editor in a montage? Is that no longer available?
Thanks for any help?

It’s not the same if you are in the montage editor, or the audio file editor. This is different than in WaveLab 10.

Thank you. Is there a way to open the audio file editor and record to the editor from the montage, like in WL10?

Thank you. Is there a way to open the audio file editor and record to the editor from the montage, like in WL10?


No. But just create an empty file group and then you can open the record dialog.

Okay, I got it open and, now, the “AUDIO FORMAT FILE” Channels won’t switch from MONO to STEREO??
Works fine in WL 10… any ideas?

Also, it works when recording from an outside source. When using the MAIN PLAYBACK BUS is reverts back to MONO only.

One more small detail… FYI …When I open a NEW audio file, YES, I can open the audio editor and I can record STEREO from and outside source BUT, when I stop, the file opens in ANOTHER “untitled” screen. So, now, I have the recorded audio screen and a blank screen? Weird. not, sure if it’s a bug or what?

Could be that the selected input bus is mono and not stereo.
Also, make sure to use WaveLab 11.0.10

Thanks PG. That’s not it… I don’t know what’s going on there? I have the exact same setup in WL 10 and it works perfect… I only have a MIC (mono) and a (stereo) 3 and 4 BUS? I figured out a work around for now.
PLEASE… if it’s possible for a future update… can you create a key command that will allow me (us) to open the audio record editor in the montage, like in previous versions? Maybe like (Ctrl+*) I’m really gonna miss that feature. Seems when I get a good solid workflow, my flow is broken with changed or removed elements of the program that make my flow,flow… ya know? NOT COMPLAINING! Still love the program, just, thought I’d ask :slight_smile:
Thank you much!!

I note the idea.

Thank you .

That will be in 11.0.20, either:

  • Alt + R
  • Click on the record button (Transport bar) while pressing A

That’s AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!