Wavelab 11 "Release Driver" not working at all well with Finale

I have always toggled between Wavelab and Finale when transcribing music.

I was about to update to Wavelab 11 when I decided to test it first. Good thing.

I figured out that Wavelab 11 defaults to taking over exclusive control of the Windows audio driver, which threw errors for Finale.

“Release Driver…When Wavelab is Background” stopped the errors (and allows Window’s default sound file player to be able to access the sound driver), but with Finale, the midi driver needs to be reloaded for Finale audio to work again.

Anybody have any experience with or suggestions for this problem?

I would suggest letting Finale use a Windows driver other than ASIO to avoid conflict between the applications.

On my Windows 10 system, WaveLab 11 only sees ASIO drivers, whereas in earlier versions, WaveLab could also optionally use the Windows “multimedia” drivers, which really didn’t care that much about fidelity as long as a sound came out somewhere.

I don’t know what version of Finale you’re using, or what options there are within that version of Finale for configuring sound output, but unless there’s a specific reason to use ASIO then I’d change that to a different driver within Finale (e.g. on Window 10+, WASAPI is a good choice).

Thanks for your response, Mr. S.

It’s the latest version of Finale (v27) and I only have two options there for Audio Driver: DirectSound and WASAPI. When I choose WASAPI, close and open the dialog box, it’s back to DirectSound. Any idea why that might be?

… an issue for Finale to resolve, is the first thing I would say! (at least, the fact that your choice is not being stored).

On the other hand, if DirectSound is selected in any application, it should not interfere with WaveLab, if, in WaveLab, you’ve selected the ASIO drivers for your audio device.

Therefore the next question is about your hardware: what audio interface/soundcard are you using, and does that device have an ASIO driver (which would have to be provided by the vendor of the audio interface/soundcard).