Wavelab 11 - Surround Ins/Outs

HI, simple question. I want to play Double-MS (3 channels) or Ambisonic (4 channels) files. There is obviously a difference between input channels (3 or 4) and output channels (let’s say 5.1). For the conversion I normally use a DMS (Schoeps) or Ambisonics (Røde) plugin. (The widely used surround plugin Harpex is not accepted by Wavelab btw.). So, how do I achieve this. I tried many things, changed the setting (via INFO) etc. without success.

Thanks in advance, Patrick

What’s wrong with Harpex? Did you try this setting, using WaveLab 11.0.10 ?

Thanks, I did not accept it when loading plugins, but now I it does, after trying several things.