Wavelab 11 Surround panning?

I’m curious to know if in Wavelab 11 there is the possibility of surround panning as in wavelab 10 or Cubase. I didn’t find anything in the pdf Manual about this. I would have liked to run an audio channel through all 5 speakers of my 5.1 system, which I could easily do in wavelab 10. Thank you in advance!

There is no specific Surround panning automation module in WaveLab 11

What prevents you doing this?

Thank you for answer. I don’t know how to do that on wavelab 11. I think it’s a little bit different that in WL 10.

Dear PG, In fact I need for surround panner wich I think is not found in WL 11. If so, I would be very happy if this feature would reappear in a flash update. But can I have install also WL 10 on same computer with WL 11? Thank you!

You should set the proper audio connections in WaveLab. Especially, you should use the “Universal” mode.
You can also use, in the Master Section, the plugin call MixConvert V6, that allows you to level/mix your various channels.

I read in the manual about this new plugin and I tested it, but I need for surround panner on every track on audio montage not only to general output. With mix convert V6 I cannot setup panning on individual track in audio montage. Please do not get me wrong. In fact, I really like WAVELAB 11 and I consider it an exceptional addition. I’m just really sorry he doesn’t have that job anymore and I don’t understand why. I consider it important to be able to automate the panning on each track. I would very much like it to reappear in the future Surround panner on every individual track like in Wavelab 10.

Anyhow I installed again WL 10 and WL 11 on my computer. The two programs work together on the same computer without problems.

In WaveLab 11, you can pan/mix each track to each montage output, like this:

I know that. Something very similar was in
n WL 10.

Unfortunately in WL 11 this is missing. I used it often too.

The big difference with WaveLab 10, is that now you can set the level of each channel to the output mix. IOW, you can achieve what the Surround Panner could do, with a different GUI approach. But you can’t use envelopes.

Could be a tricky sell for Mastering Engineers across the globe who’ve built a career using Surround Panners…

You cannot use a surround panner in the montage simply because the montage tracks are not (yet?) surround - they are still individual mono or stereo tracks. When you add a surround file to a montage it is divided into multiple virtual tracks (separate copies are not made), but you never see a whole surround file in a single track in the montage.