Wavelab 11: Surround panorama, panning


I am currently working on an 8-channel surround installation (standard “cube”, i.e. 4 speakers above and 4 below). I would now like to have a sound circuit at the top, for example. The clip is on a track assigned to all four outputs on the left and right sides. The clip should start with LS 1, then LS 2, LS 3, and LS 4.
But in the clip pan envelope, I can only adjust the pan curve between “left” and “right”, but not between “right rear” and “left rear”. How can I proceed? I am not an expert, but it should be possible somehow.

Many thanks for the help!

In WaveLab, there is no Surround panning per see (look at Nuendo for this).
However, since each audio channel can be leveled, you can achieve static panning. Eg. aside from the panning envelope, there is an envelope splitting function for stereo clips. Also, in the manual, look for the “Track Routing” dialog.
But I don’t think you can achieve the progressive panning that you mention ( “The clip should start with LS 1, then LS 2, LS 3, and LS 4”).

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Thanks, so I do not have to search any longer.
I will try this way: create four stereo tracks with routing to l-r, r-sr, sr-sl and sl-l, then split the clip in four parts and arrange them one after the other in the four tracks with little overlappings. In each clip I will create a pan envelope from top (l) to down (r), then go on in the same way in the next track and so on. A lot of work to get a smooth transition, but maybe it will work.

That could work indeed, I see you have a good overview of things.