I tried 20 different tracks to save as itunes standard from a previous saved template or from scratch, its set to 320 but always exports at 192kbps, works fine in wavelab 11 doesn’t make sense, please advise,

For Licensing reasons, the AAC encoder has changed since WaveLab 11 and is now relying on the operating system implementation. This one is different on Mac and Windows, and has its own limitations. This being said, 192kpbs is approximately equal to 320kps in Mp3, which is already pretty good.

Okay what a downer, I should have waited for the demo, I can instantly hear the difference that’s what made me check the bitrate, Guess I’ll go back to 11 or use the sonnox codec converter
Thx for the reply,

Wait…are you saying we can no longer deliver 320kpbs AACs out of Wavelab?? I haven’t moved up to WL12 yet, but this is gonna be a significant problem for me! The difference between a 192kbps AAC and 320kbps is large. I mean, all my ref deliverables are at 320 and need to be - finals are of course not lossy, but if this is what you’re saying it means no longer using WL as a batch processor.

On Mac, this is possible. On Windows, no. Simply because Mac has a better support for AAC.

However, for those who had a WaveLab 11 license, Steinberg will probably allow them to use the old Fraunhofer codec. I will report this when this happens.

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Trust me I’m in the same boat, I’m on windows though, hopefully you are on a mac,

cripes! this is a problem - I’m on Mac OS. So to be clear, the current state is that WL12 will not export 320kbps AACs period, but may do so in the future, depending on Steinberg. Is that correct?

Using WaveLab 12.0.10 on the Mac Sonoma 14.2.1, I have just encoded to AAC using 320 kps. This value is available from the bit-rate list.

The option for 320 is there also in windows but final render ends up in 192 as you stated why, but its very misleading,

Just done it on Windows, and the resulting rate is 256 kps (for a stereo 44.1 k input).
On Mac, it was 320 kps.

Okay, I cant get it to 256, on windows 10, wavelab keeps checking plugins on start up is this normal for 12 ?

Phew, thank you for this PG - I can go ahead and upgrade now… Bummer for Windows folks.

Checked the new update on WL12, before I asked you, do you think they will implement this or it will never happen and I have to keep using version 11 to get 320 with fraunhofer ?

Open the Steinberg Activation Manager, and activate the following. Then the FF AAC encoder should be available in WaveLab 12.0.20.

I opened the activation manager, I don’t have anything but wavelab pro 12 in there,
i’m on windows 11,

Did you upgrade from WaveLab 11?

I also do not see that in my SAM app. Does something special need to be done to get it to appear?

I had to refresh a few times after I redeemed , activated now, thanks a million, you are a god,

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I had to go in my account and redeem it