WaveLab 12 describes a 'new' ASIO driver?

I’m confused by this “new ASIO driver” offering and it’s description in a new WL12 video. I think it describes better D/A conversion. Really? Is this referring to saved montages that exist on a HD? Can you explain this PG?

The video I watched just mentioned high quality sample rate conversion.

Possibly a shim on WASAPI on Windows?

Can you explain what you mean?

WASAPI is the new (current, modern) sound system in Windows. You can select and use it directly in SpectraLayers, for example, but not in WaveLab 11. Perhaps the new Steinberg ASIO driver is a “translation” layer to make this usable in WaveLab. Developers call such a layer a “shim”.

The new Windows driver allows:

  • To select a different device for input and output
  • To select a mono device for input (eg. USB microphone)
  • It does sample rate conversion. Say, your device is set to 48kHz (fixed), and you play a 44.1k file in WaveLab. then the driver will do a sample rate conversion behind the scene. Before WaveLab 10, the MME driver was doing something similar.

I’m reposting a question from an user on another forum, because they don’t have an account here: Is it possible to configure the new ASIO driver to abstain from any sample-rate conversion and instead deliver the audio in its original source format?

No. This driver is a wrapper around fixed device configurations.
To achieve the requested behavior, use a device native ASIO driver.


Thank you for your response, @PG1