Wavelab 12 - Export all selected clips not working

Hi. “Export all selected clips” in an Audio Montage is not working in WL12Pro. It only exports the last of the selected group.
Is it a known bug?
Works perfectly in WL11…


Yes I have to run the Rendering twice or it don’t work with
“All Selected Clips” in a Montage, so it must be a bug in WL 12…

regards S-EH


I don’t think there is a bug. But how do you select clips? But don’t confuse clip selection and time range selection (that would encompass the clips).
For example of the following picture, aaa and bbb are selected, but not ccc.
And aaa is covered by a partial time selection.


I did a new test a Montage with clips

  1. “Select All” command + A

  2. showing the path where the Rendering will end in WL File selector

  3. Select All Clips

  4. Render the Montage with the clips

  5. check all clips is there and they are…

  6. So I’m sorry Yes it works

WL 12.0.10
OSX Ventura, MacBook Air M1 2020

regards S-EH

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Thanks for your input but I use wavelab since 2005 and believe me, I know how to select clips :wink:

Ok, but it works for sure here. Hence there must be another option or parameter involved in your case. Maybe make a video.

I guess I´ll keep on working on WL11 and trying WL12 every once in a while with the same settings to check if it works. I´m Really happy with WL11. I was just curious about the new loudness analysis tools…