Wavelab 12 no bass through head phones

This is driving me crazy. I have a MacBook Pro M2 laptop with Beats Studio pro headphones. I have sound through the head phones but no bass whatsoever. I’m using the USB-C connection on the headphones. I’ve checked all settings that I can think of. Everything outside of Wavelab plays fine, so it’s definitely something in Wavelab. When I go inside Wavelab go to file then preferences, audio connections, there an audio device drop down menu. Inside that drop down menu I have 3 devices on the list. Built-in-Audio, Beats Pro, USB Beats Pro. I have USB Beats Pro selected since I’m using the USB-C connection on my headphones. I go to the control menu tab and under input/output configuration it has my Beats Pro USB-C on the list and under that it says 48k for the sample rate, how do I change that 48k to 44k.1. I’ve tried changing the sample rate on the master panel but it still says 48k. When using the USB-C on these newer Beats Pro’s it;s supposed to be lossless sound, which I like, plus I don’t have to worry about keeping them charged all the time. They sound and play fine when I’m listening to iTunes or YouTube etc…it’s just when I’m using wave lab that I get no bass.