WaveLab 12 now releases files - nice!

On Windows, I’ve noticed that WaveLab 12 doesn’t hold files open (lock) as much as previous versions … sometimes I work on a source file that I don’t want to keep, but with previous versions, even if the source file was “closed” in WaveLab, I needed to quit WaveLab before I could delete the file. Now I find I can delete these files without having to close WaveLab 12. This might seem like a small thing, but it was a significant annoyance to me.

Nice improvement!


Haven’t tried this yet. I have been asking for this for a long time. Hope it works on my setup. I will report back.

I still can’t delete files that had been opened in WL12 until Wavelab 12 itself has been closed :frowning:

It seems to depend on whether you have edited the file in question in that session/project.

If the file is opened in WaveLab (eg. part of a montage, or part of undoable steps), then this is normal.


Oh, “part of undoable steps” sounds plausible - thanks for making me aware of this.

I find there are still some cases where files appear to kept locked (i.e. you can’t delete them) but much fewer than in previous versions. I often have a large number of folders with files that I load, edit, render and close, after which the source folder is either deleted or archived (moved).

In previous versions I always had to quit WaveLab to do this … not any more, once everything related is closed.